Artist Statement

Now, 40 years of painting, sculpture (in clay, cast bronze, papier mache), printmaking and performance art. Currently, I’ve transitioned from acrylic on canvas to watercolor (gouache). During the pandemic isolation, I’ve painted daily – studying composition. I have focused on a particular Cezanne still life painting and repainting this as it becomes more my hand. This seems to be working because, those paintings numbered 1/12 –
12/12 on my website are the body of this intense study accomplished during that time. Those lessons continue to inform my newest work.

Living in Vermont – painting in Vermont, Cape Cod and Naples, Florida – my palette does shift with the sunlight and vegetation of the area. All of this keeps me curious and enjoying these new challenges.
Currently, I have work on-loan at (artist registry) andThe Corporate Art Loan Program at deCordova Sculpture Park and Museum.

You can also find me on Etsy and on Instagram


  • Works in clay and cast plaster.
  • Design and production of stationery and tiles.
  • Design of bookplate for Friends of Newton Free Library to celebrate the Millennium Fund.
  • Watercolors on paper and acrylic on board.
  • Work completed in plaster, ceramic, wood, bronze, marble, papier mache, watercolors, pen and ink, monotype, collage, acrylic on canvas, mixed mediums.
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Recent Paintings

A painting of weeds in vases
Painting of a vase filled with flowers next to an apple
A blue scarf next to a vase filled with flowers
Painting of flower pods in a blue can.
A painting of a jar of apples with a fish and apple
A blue vase with thin tall flowers
A bouquet of flowers