How do you choose which medium to use: acrylic or watercolor?

I usually use watercolor paints in the summer, when the materials are portable and setting up is easily accomplished. Working small or large, the images created by watercolors are light and calligraphic. In the winter, I work with acrylic paints for more layering and modeling. The color can sit in the gel medium along with grit, extra canvas, string… anything that will stay securely on the surface.

If I like a painting but it is too large for my walls, can you provide an image in a smaller size?

Some of my paintings are very large and few people have space to hold a 6ft canvas. I am able to “shrink” the image onto a smaller canvas to provide the desired image…at a reduced price.

Why do the sizes of your paintings vary so much?

Sizes of my original art works vary from 2″ x 3″ to 70″ x 68″. I like to work on an idea for two years or more – growing and shrinking the painting surface: working in acrylic or watercolor will also vary an image outcome. I have completed some of my largest paintings outside of my Vermont studio and the smallest on my lap next to my large painting wall. (ie studio space is not always a factor in size. )

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