Trying something new from an old idea…

I have always loved hand-painted tableware – since my mother had a “Vera” pattern cloth in the 1950’s.  From 1968-2000, I had Italian made plates with bright red and yellow poppies. I find that many of my watercolor paintings are patterns, so when I bought a light-weight canvas tablecloth last week in preparation for a summer party, I found the temptation irresistible to try a “stain painting” on this surface. I had done stain paintings years ago – before I used brushes. Pouring paint on an un-gessoed canvas and drawing into the paint with black paint from a squeeze bottle is very freeing. Swish! and there is your permanent mark! I did one 15′ raw canvas in 1996 that is still used to cover a window seat and pillows. This past week I set up my drop cloth (Important! the paint will stain the floor, too), watery paints, brushes and Whosh! I have a new tablecloth. The paint is acrylic so it won’t fade or run. Here is my first tablecloth! (Meanwhile, the painting that I’m working on goes unfinished, still.)

Stain painted tablecloth

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Welcome to my notes on painting. As I work on ideas, I may post images in process or thoughts on museums I have visited.

This web site includes (mostly) paintings created since my move to Vermont in 2000. Before then, I had a studio at the former Waltham Watch Factory in Waltham, MA for 11 years. While there, I produced ceramics, (hand-built and slip-cast), papier mache furniture, monotypes (single image prints) that may show up on this blog from time to time.

From the paintings now on line, I can replicate most in a smaller size, put an image on cups or stationery. Just ask.

For those not used to visiting an art web site, click on the upper right circle to enlarge the painting - and click again to shrink.

Look for my trading cards coming to this space, soon!

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