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Acrylic on canvas, 12″x16, painted in my studio, thinking about getting out – blocked by imagined threatening grasses.

Work during Covid-19 pandemic.

It’s been a while since posting here – . Painting has never stopped but after completing my “So Sad” (Trump) painting, I have been afraid to look too far ahead in what I see (and paint). Covid-19 has made me aware of the importance of showing here what I’ve been thinking – even if it’s...

Woman Thinking

This woman, whose image was started well before Corona-19, needed to be completed during this quarantine era. The canvas is 18″24″ , acrylic paint. She is world weary – even before knowing the outcome of pandemic changes to our world.

After a Night Out

This 18’x24″ canvas with acrylic and caron ache (watercolor crayon) has features that are familiar to me – but no names here.

Shack by the Ocean

This small (12’x9″) acrylic painting is where I should have been / were it not for Corona-19.

Corona Holiday: No. Hero, VT

Time out from staying at home/ on Lake Champlain – watching flocks of birds, boats, and the changing moods of the Lake. – Looking west.

Australia/ by memory

The memory of camping in the outback has come back to me- as a (very) wild and open landscape.

dreaming of time-out

Single flower with bugs, pedals – taking a break from “working” . (Play-time)

Two upcoming shows / summer of 2014

I’ve been asleep at the blog-post but have two venues/ no, three!/ in Vermont to see my work.   I was asked to participate in an annual event/hanging at Penny Cluse – a restaurant on Cherry St. in Burlington.  Each year, artists are given a 6″x 6″ wooden panel on which to “evoke” a theme...
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Welcome to my notes on painting. As I work on ideas, I may post images in process or thoughts on museums I have visited.

This web site includes (mostly) paintings created since my move to Vermont in 2000. Before then, I had a studio at the former Waltham Watch Factory in Waltham, MA for 11 years. While there, I produced ceramics, (hand-built and slip-cast), papier mache furniture, monotypes (single image prints) that may show up on this blog from time to time.

From the paintings now on line, I can replicate most in a smaller size, put an image on cups or stationery. Just ask.

For those not used to visiting an art web site, click on the upper right circle to enlarge the painting - and click again to shrink.

Look for my trading cards coming to this space, soon!

Recent Paintings

Mama Corona
Corona Party Goer
Not Socially Distancing


BCA Center
deCordova Sculpture Park and Museum
New Art Center of Newton
Shelburne Museum