August 11, 2020
It’s been a while since posting here – . Painting has never stopped but after completing my “So Sad” (Trump) painting, I have been afraid to look too far ahead in what I see (and paint). Covid-19 has made me aware of the importance of showing here what I’ve been thinking – even if it’s...
This woman, whose image was started well before Corona-19, needed to be completed during this quarantine era. The canvas is 18″24″ , acrylic paint. She is world weary – even before knowing the outcome of pandemic changes to our world.
This 18’x24″ canvas with acrylic and caron ache (watercolor crayon) has features that are familiar to me – but no names here.
This small (12’x9″) acrylic painting is where I should have been / were it not for Corona-19.
Time out from staying at home/ on Lake Champlain – watching flocks of birds, boats, and the changing moods of the Lake. – Looking west.
The memory of camping in the outback has come back to me- as a (very) wild and open landscape.
Single flower with bugs, pedals – taking a break from “working” . (Play-time)
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