About Sandra

Ever since visiting the studio of Louise Nevelson, I have felt that standing in an artist’s studio is like a walk through her creative mind. I present my current space, both the watercolor area on the far right and the acrylic wall, with my most recent work still in progress there. The acrylic work space is not neat though the paints are actually organized. The brushes, held in cans on the movable cart are sorted by use. Notes for future work including photographs of clouds/sky, photos of my father, one son as a monk, another as he drew himself in his only art experience, and a favored abstract by Paul Klee. There are completed paintings – some even framed from earlier shows. I have a cold water sink for cleaning brushes and an easel that I do use from time to time. (Otherwise, a stretched canvas hangs on nails or (freshly unrolled) is stapled directly to the wall.) There are samples of leaves that are well dried at this point and large seed pods that are reflected in my watercolors.

The watercolor side of the studio also has my desk, photocopier/fax, notebooks of past shows, my slides from the 1980″s! (not yet scanned), and postcards of images that I want to remember. The actual painting area for the watercolors is very compact. I work here on paintings up to 12″ x 18″ on a block of paper. These paintings are tightly made – no big drips at this station. I can move to the other side when needed. I did complete a 6′ x 45″ watercolor of the stream in my backyard a few years ago – with lots of wet into wet – that hung for a season at the Burlington International Airport (via BCA Center).

Image and title references to ocean views and dunes in my work are based predominately on summer vacations in Wellfleet, Cape Cod.

I began studying art in 1982 when I took a watercolor class at the New Art Center in Newton, MA. I fell in love with the way the paint covered the paper and how a single brush can be used for different marks. Since then I’ve studied sculpture (figurative), plaster & bronze casting, stone carving, hand-building in clay and slip casting, printmaking, drawing and painting. I have also done stain painting, performance art, creating/producing public art games, building furniture with papier mache and collaborative projects with children.


Works in clay and cast plaster
Design and production of stationery and tiles
Design of bookplate for Friends of Newton Free Library to celebrate the Millennium Fund
Watercolors on paper and acrylic on board

Work completed in plaster, ceramic, wood, bronze, marble, papier mache, watercolors, pen and ink, monotype, collage, acrylic on canvas, mixed mediums

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Recent Paintings

Mama Corona
Corona Party Goer
Not Socially Distancing


BCA Center
deCordova Sculpture Park and Museum
New Art Center of Newton
Shelburne Museum