In Consideration of a New Painting


I have been working on a new “full sized” image of a woman and she has me stalled at 3/4 complete. (Although it is difficult to know when the half-way point is/ let alone the 3/4 mark). She is once again (like Lady with Butterflies) looking off to her right side of the canvas with her right hand reaching out beyond the framework of the painting. Her legs are not twisted but they are quite long/ modestly posed.

Her head is in the clouds and she is standing on a balcony? bridge? with a “Tuscan” scene as a backdrop.  My difficulty is with (a) where is she? (b) what is she doing there (c) why is she covered with a grid-type material?  There is an arch of birds overhead but is she waiting for one to land on her (missing) hand? Is she St. Francis(e) talking with the birds? Years ago, I made a small sculpture of St. Francis for a friend who is a minister. Am I revisiting this? Perhaps she will step off the ledge?

More work is needed. In the meanwhile, I have painted over a canvas from 1996. Starting again, again.

Update: She is complete.

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