Lady With Butterflies

Figures are not my usual subjects but this lady really needed to be seen.

My lady with butterflies is a fantasy piece with leaves blowing into her room – or are they in flight? She is definitely having issues with her legs: she is twisting away from the open window. In the completed view of this work (in acrylic paintings), pearls are visible around her neck swinging as she is caught off-guard at the rush of the bugs/leaves. Pearls are worn by ladies; therefore her title of “lady” instead of “woman.” In this photograph above, the painting is not yet complete so she is hanging on my work wall next to the original drawing that developed into this larger painting. The painting has the patterning that I commonly use in my watercolors and the open window that frequented earlier work of mine.  The branches in the vase next to her will become irises in the completed work. You can now find her under recently completed acrylic paintings.

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